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            Formed under a Blue Moon, Three Is A Charm are three of NYC's premiere Magickal and spiritual practitioners. As a subsidiary of Magickal Realms and with over 20 years experience each, published books, and hundreds of clients, Lady Rhea, Morgana, and Belladonna have been long providing spiritual and psychic readings, enchanted candle magick, and ritual spellwork to the NY pagan and witch community. Now Lady Rhea and Three is a Charm are pleased to offer these Magickal services to you with the click of a mouse. Explore our site and see how Lady Rhea, Morgana, and Belladonna can help make your dreams come true!

We Are....

Lady Rhea

    With over 40 years experience, numerous write-ups in the New York Times, and a large global occult following, Lady Rhea is a wiccan high priestess who is the author of The Enchanted Candle and The Enchanted Formulary. She the co-owner and proprietor of Magickal Realms and She is the creator and designer of the Enchanted Candles used in our rituals. As well as one of NY's premiere Witches .



    Morgana is a long time Magickal and spiritual practitioner under Lady Rhea. In addition to over 20 years experience in tarot readings, spiritual guidance, ritual spellwork, she is a long time student of the occult. Her specialties include Love Rituals, Prosperity Rituals, Cleansings, and tarot readings.


    Belladonna is a Maigckal and spiritual practitioner under Lady Rhea with 20 years experience reading cards and performing ritual spellwork. Fluent in Spanish and English, she specializes in Orisha work, Spanish cleansings, Banishing and Kali Ma Rituals.






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